M. Sydnor Jr.


The Legend

The Legend is a short story sci-fi series based on the YA novel The Legends of the World. To save his species from extinction, Uridian general & scientist, Etos, explores the universe for a new home world. With his wife by his side, they encounter many species; some dangerous, some friendly. And their adventures on these treacherous lands test their faith in finding a suitable planet they can call home.

Writers: M. Sydnor Jr., Jodi Jensen, Brittany N. Gathing, Michele Quirke, R.L. Warrick
Creator: M. Sydnor Jr.


A.MoynaXEpisode 1. Moyna X
Written by M. Sydnor Jr.
A scientist and his wife escape their dying world in search for another. As they come in range of a nearby, habitable planet, what they find proves to be much worse than they anticipated.

A. Sapa1and2Episode 2. Sapa-tu-nee, part one
Written by Jodi Jensen
As Ada recovers from her encounter on Moyna X, Etos continues the mission alone on Sapa-tu-nee, a frozen wasteland. As he treks the landscape, he finds a crashed spaceship belonging to the Schloran people. 

A. Sapa1and2Episode 3. Sapa-tu-nee, part two
Written by Jodi Jensen
Etos searches for Ada on the frozen world, and finds a young Schloran girl. He grabs her, interrogates her, and forces her to help him find his wife, and soon learns the girl is not an ordinary Schloran girl. 

A.CevaraEpisode 4. Cevara
Written by Brittany N. Gathing
As Ada’s condition worsens, Etos and Phea get to know each other better. They land on Cevara, a water-world with beautiful plants and beautiful beings. It looks like a promising candidate for a new home, until the monsters come out to play. 

WTYEu1550476378Episode 5. Phea
Written by M. Sydnor Jr.
With Phea saving the day with her eye, she explains to Etos everything she knows about her anomaly, and the history between her people and his people; the Schlorans and Uridians. Ada interrupts their conversation and gives off negative vibes to Phea.

A.ZarineEpisode 6. Zarine
Written by Michele Quirke & Jodi Jensen
Etos and Phea travel to an inhospitable planet, their mission two-fold; search for life and practice controlling Phea’s weapon. As they crack the secret to harnessing her power, they find themselves under attack and running for their lives.

WTYEu1550476378Episode 7. The Living Moon
Written by R.L. Warrick
Etos and Phea travel to a moon in hopes of finding medicine for Ada. Kee informs them of the unique lifeforms spread out throughout the moon, so they take precaution but nothing would prepare them for what awaits them on the surface. 

41f2227537350c8589249d90f5b4cff6Episode 8. Ada
Written by M. Sydnor Jr.
Ada wakes up to Etos sitting by her side. They reminisce on good times back on Uridia and their decision to leave their home world to save their race. They have no regrets. And while Ada displays behavior that suggests she is getting better, Kee detects something more sinister happening within her.

SpaceLove1Episode 9. From Space with Love, part one
Written by M. Sydnor Jr.
After dealing with the situation on Blue, Etos races to find Phea.

SpaceLove2 Episode 10. From Space with Love, part two
Written by M. Sydnor Jr.
An old threat emerges as Etos and Phea flee the dead planet. In space, a battle commences and a centuries old rivalry is reignited. This means the end for one of the ships and its crew.

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