“Inspiration is all around us. Don’t let the brain limit the mind .”

― Lisi Harrison

Inspiration Everywhere! or Writing Prompts. Quarantine part II

I find inspiration everywhere. Take my notebook with me whenever I leave the house. Never know when something’s gonna jump out at you; an idea for a short story, novella, novel, or even a scene in your current W.I.P. (work in progress). You shouldn’t wait for inspiration, you go after it with a club (a quote I remember). There are ideas everywhere, from your dreams to everyday things; like people, objects, etc. I hate to use twitter as an example because I love the Writing Community there…well, those that actually engage in meaningful discussion…but I see a lot of posts of writers being stuck, blocked, discouraged about the state of the world. I say, “Use that to your advantage.”

Use everything that’s got you down and write about it. If it has nothing to do with your current story, then write a short story, or start a new project. At least you’re writing, right? But there’s more…if you avoid the news, like me. There are a billion things in plain sight that you can create about. Dreams (the obvious one), your significant other, a nosy neighbor, a store associate that you have a crush on (a little creep-ish), a bug outside, a stray cat, your favorite food… get the point, I can go on and on…but you have to exploit that idea and exaggerate it to the max 🙂


Let’s make it a bit more interesting…a Clash of the Genres, all set in the time of Covid. Examples/ideas in the following writing prompts.

10. Significant other:  Origin story how you met your significant other under apocalyptic conditions. Romance/dystopian

9. Best friend: Two friends decide to go out for drinks, and get caught up in a bar fight over masks. Satire

8. Family: A family of vampires have a meeting about food, since they are extremely susceptible to Covid.

7. Traffic: A group of anti-mask protesters block the road and attack the mask-wearers. Adventure/Superhero

6. Work: Someone in the office just coughed. Mystery/humor

5. Nature: An escape to the woods seems like the perfect getaway from the madness getting out of control in the city. But someone already beat you to it. Horror/Suspense

4. TV: Take your favorite movie or TV show from back in the day and rewrite it in a time of Covid. Fan-fiction

3. Social Media: You wake up in a digital land where words are weapons, best avoid the bots. Ex. Twitter World (or something like that, lol.) Fantasy

2. School: First day of school and a teacher’s struggles. Drama

1. Author: Your future self writes a biopic on your writing struggles during Covid. Biography

Happy Writing!