We made it to July!!! So, we’re halfway through this shitty year and I can honestly say, it ain’t looking too good for part 2. But, we can still be great. I like to think of myself as a positive person, a few levels short of optimism, but I’m all about good energy and spreading love and joy and greatness (ugh, I’m babbling…I hope you follow what I’m trying to get through). Lol.
We all know what’s happening in the world, no need for me to put in my two cents, instead I want to share some news of what I’ve been up to, and how I manage to maintain my creativity in all of this.

If you’re familiar with this page, I try my best to keep you all entertained with new stories, excerpts, some fun prompts and unique top ten lists of my favorite things. I’ve been a little inconsistent since the start of the year… before Rona… for good reason, though.
I have a book coming out. A novel. Book two of my YA fantasy series, The Legends of the World, that I’ve been working on for three years. And I’m finally done. Not only that, I’ve been pushing out short stories for the Black Hare Press anthology series “Seven deadly sins”. Mainly, book two, City Snatchers, has had most of my focus. And with it winding down to the last bit of proofreading, it will open up my time to push out more content; more short stories, top ten lists, writing prompts, Legend episodes, even a sequel to my 2019 novella, The Angry Whore of the Sea. So, stay tuned and spread the word, y’all. I’ve got some wild stories that I can’t wait to tell.

Real quick before I go… I want to send a message to my fellow writers out there struggling to find inspiration or motivation because of the overwhelming chaos taking over the world, REMEMBER why you started writing… dig deep and think of that free feeling you get when you immerse yourself in that story; the characters you guide, the worlds you build… how imagination takes over and becomes your reality. And it doesn’t have to be your WIP, it can be something new, it can be just notes… find your favorite song, take time to create a playlist of the most peaceful/joyful sounds… turn off the world and write, ya’ll. Write. 

If you need a kick… check out these writing prompts:


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Thank you for reading my nonsense. I love you all. Peace and Love.