Hey everyone. I’m super excited to reveal the cover of my new novel; book two of my YA fantasy series, The Legends of the World, City Snatchers. I’ve been working on this book for three years now, since the release of book one, Bullies, Gangsters and Dragons, and finally–FINALLY it is done! But I don’t want to get into a whole thing here with the trials and tribs, you’re here for the cover…


mock-00514    mock-00044   mock-00080


I friggin love this marvelous cover by La’Vata Oneal, she went above and beyond to bring me what I wanted, and more. No synopsis yet… no blurb… but be ready, stay tuned, be on the lookout for pre-orders that will go up soon. September release date!!! So, mark the month. 🙂

But in the meantime, get your copy of book one, Bullies, Gangsters and Dragons.


Bullies, Gangsters and Dragons
(The Legends of the World, book one)

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In the young city of Los Leyendas where business is booming and crime is rising, a disaster threatens its future. The ground is breaking, skyscrapers are falling, people are dying, and the randomness and longevity of the earthquakes are starting to seem more unnatural. Amidst the tragedy in the city is William Foster, an eighteen year old who discovers a uniqueness about himself. With his band of misfits to help him understand his newfound purpose, they too must deal with demons of their own.This is a story of love and envy, violence and heartbreak, dreams and nightmares that threaten the core of William’s circle. They must overcome these deadly struggles to help William in his ultimate battle against the bullies, gangsters, and dragons.